How to Date a Slovenian Girl like Melania Trump

Melania is definitely a looker. You wouldn’t expect less from a former bikini model, right? But how do you get a Slovenian girl just like her? After all, it can’t be that hard to look better than Donald Trump (though making his fortune might be a bit more difficult).

Well, good news for you! I will give you a step-by-step approach to dating Slovenian women. But first, let’s talk about:

What A Slovenian Girl Is Like?

Slovenian Girl

Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe. It has barely over two million people and most of them are Slavic.

A typical Slovenian girl would be:

  • Slim or athletically built
  • Blond (usually a darker, dishwasher blond)
  • With fair complexion (but not as pale as a Scandinavian)

Slovenians are mostly Roman Catholics. They are not as traditional as other Catholic people but the church still plays a part in society.

Chances are that your Slovenian crush has been raised in a Christian family. When it comes to relationships, she prefers someone who’s at least a little bit open-minded. If you are a fierce atheist, it might be hard to snag a Slovenian for more than a one-night stand.

Speaking of one-night stands, Slovenian women are actually very open-minded on the matter. Yes, they have the religious roots but they’re also modern girls. Some rankings suggest Slovenian girls are among the most comfortable with casual flings in Europe. Being that Europe is already a place of sexual liberation, this is saying a lot.

Slovenia is also a rapidly growing economy. People are richer, more educated, and they have more opportunities than ever. Even though Slovenia is tiny, it has taken full advantage of the membership in the European Union. This means younger people are more well-travelled and, yes, it also means that they speak good English.

Your best bet to meet Slovenian girls from anywhere in the world is this online dating website. It has an international focus but plenty of Slovenians to choose from – and they’re all already looking for a relationship. Win!

Are You Latino?

Apparently, Slovenian women are seriously into Latino men. Maybe not even just Latino guys, also Portuguese and Spanish dudes. Italy is right by Slovenia so Italians aren’t such a novelty. They are still considered to be among the most attractive men, though.

Latin American culture is super popular in Slovenia. There are many Spanish speakers, weirdly enough. Virtually every girl would tell you that Spanish is the nicest language out there.

So let’s break down what Slovenian women love about Latino guys:

  • The facial hair (a superficial one but it’s important)
  • That confident, sweep-her-off-her-feet attitude
  • The accent
  • They have an exotic factor to them

But What If I’m Not Spanish?

Even if you flunked Spanish in high school, there are plenty of ways to win a Slovenian over. My personal theory is that these girls love novelty.

Slovenia is tiny and you can’t really survive without a second (and usually a third) language. Slovenian women start learning about other cultures at a very young age. They are naturally very curious. Just the fact that you come from abroad makes you more interesting and it gives you bonus points.

The second huge factor is not being like local guys.

Even though this is a modern and well-developed country, there are some seriously patriarchal traditions and beliefs. If you’re the type of guy who thinks a woman belongs in the kitchen, skip over the next section. If not, let’s learn about:

Being An Alpha, Not A Jerk

There is this widely spread belief that an alpha man is the same as macho man. Let me clarify the difference to you:

An alpha knows himself and knows his purpose. He is living his truth and has very little need to prove himself to anybody. That’s why a true alpha can be confident wihout being cocky.

Sadly, a lot of men associate the word alpha with the loud and obnoxious macho attitude. I’m just going to go ahead and say it:

You will not get any high-value woman with that mindset. 

A girl that is worth dating for the long-term will not put up with your BS. She would only date a guy that she can respect deeply. Trust me, that cocky stud attitude is just another way of saying “I grew my pubes later than my peers and I was bullied in middle school”.

Slovenian women are pros at recognizing the true confidence in an alpha. Aggressive masochism puts them off (and is generally an annoying character trait).

This one goes beyond dating a Slovenian girl, of course. Work on yourself before you seek a relationship. Are you the man that you’d want your daughter to marry? Are you living a purposeful life and do you have the inner confidence that stems from that?

Slovenian Girl

It’s fine if you don’t have it all figured out as long you don’t settle for the  jerk moves. These will not get you a Slovenian girlfriend.

Tinder In Slovenia?

Tinder is just as popular in Slovenia as it is elsewhere. Other dating apps like BumbleCoffee meets BagelHappn and the millions of new ones that are coming out every day… Not so much.

Slovenian culture is still a bit old-fashioned. Most girls would prefer to meet their boyfriend through mutual friends, an activity that they both like, or even at work. Yes, this is another fun fact for you. Office romance is not taboo in Slovenia and in fact a lot of couples start this way.

As for Tinder, you’ll find it is not the hook-up app that you know. Slovenian girls may be down for a quickie with an online date. They do, however, like to play hard-to-get. This means that on Tinder, they will have you work hard for it.

If you are only in Slovenia for a short time:

Don’t seek a long-distance relationship on Tinder. 

No matter how hard you try and how well you click during your IRL dates, Tinder is not good for long-distance romance. If you are relocating, though, the app is great to meet and start dating a beautiful Slovenian girl.

What About International Romance?

Slovenian women do look outside the country for romance. Dating platforms like International Cupid are your best friend here.

Unlike Tinder, they are dedicated to connecting relationship-minded women to men abroad. The Slovenian girl you will meet on there is already in for a long-distnace thing. There are many reasons women want that. In my experience, it’s usually:

  • Either she is working hard right now and does not have the time for traditional dating,
  • or she finds local guys disappointing.

The latter is obviously the better option. You want somebody that will have the time to invest. But here is one thing that’s always true of Slovenian women:

No matter how busy she is, if a Slovenian girl wants to spend time with you, she will make it happen.

I know that is a hard truth to swallow. However, it’s about time we learn that no answer is an answer. Whether you are currently in the same physical space or not, if a Slovenian girl wants more than a fling, she will put the work in.

The Best Thing About Dating A Slovenian Girl

Slovenian women know the importance of a stable relationship. They cherish the person that they’re with. When thing are good, they are very very good.

Unlike Western women, Slovenians prioritize relationships and family over everything else. It’s a two-sided thing, of course. Since she is investing so much in you, you would be expected to invest as well.

But once you get in a relationship with a Slovenian girl, you can count on her total loyalty and acceptance. And I have to quote Melania Trump on this one:

I think the mistake some people make is they try to change the man they love after they get married. You cannot change a person. 

Whether you are a fan of the First Lady or not, you have to give it to her. She does have a very mature and healthy approach to relationships. I have found most Slovenian women to be like that. They are independent and they respect themselves enough to not be with the wrong person. If you are the right person, they will have your back, no matter what.

Or, as OMI sings ‘Oh, I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader‘. A Slovenian girlfriend will be your biggest fan (well, I guess second only to  your mother)!

Step-By-Step To Dating A Slovenian Girl!

Slovenian Girl
  1. Figure out what you want – if it’s a fling, go to Tinder or try your luck at a club. For a relationship, stick to “serious” dating platforms or meeting through mutual friends.
  2. Ask her out ASAP – Slovenian women like assertive guys. That’s the whole reason behind their obsession with alphas. If you keep her guessing too long, you might end up in the dreaded friend zone. It will be tough to make your way out of this one!
  3. Invest as much as she invests – If she makes the time to text you, to call, and to go on dates, give her the same attention. An old-fashioned gentleman rule that applies 100% here: If somebody is giving you their full attention, give them yours too!
  4. Pamper her from time to time – Every woman loves to be romanced and your Slovenian girl is no exception!

And there you have it, your guide to getting a Slovenian hottie like Melania Trump. Good luck and remember to come back with your field reports…

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