The Ultimate Guide To Slovakian Girls

Eastern Europe

Slovakia is a tiny country with gorgeous women. Seriously, all Slovakian girls are naturally beautiful. The gene pool is really nice, it seems.

But there is more.

Read on to learn all the tips, tricks, and insider secrets for how to date and mate with Slovakian girls.

The Pretty Face & Sexy Figure of Slovakian Girls

Let’s be superficial and start with looks.

Slovakian people are Slavic. Expect all the good-lookin’ Slavic features:

  • Fair skin
  • Blue/green eyes
  • Light hair
  • Rounder faces with small features
  • High cheekbones
  • Naturally slender

Basically, the way most models look. No wonder so many catwalk superstars are Slavic.

That being said, these Eastern European beauties are all about moderation.

In fact, Slovakian culture is. Fast food and super-sedentary lifestyle are yet to reach this beautiful country. There is McDonalds (where is there not?), but people are seemingly more immune to the junk food addiction.

Slovakian girls know when to indulge and when to hold off on the fries, so they can enjoy life and also fit into size 2 jeans.

Dress To Impress (Slovakian Girls)

Slovakian people are not the show-offs some Russians are, but they still love to dress up. Men and women alike realise how important it is to look presentable. Here is a list of common Western things Slovakian girls would never do:

  • Go outside in their PJs.
  • Wear anything dirty or with holes in it. No, those ‘edgy’ T-shirts and sweaters are not a thing here.
  • Wrinkled clothes. Major no-no.
  • Show up to anything (yes, even an 8 AM lecture) with greasy hair. Or weird, unpolished nails.

That being said, they are also very low-key about style. It’s all about looking awesome without trying. Or, more accurately, looking like you didn’t even try. It is the same for guys.

If you want to impress a Slovakian girl, it starts with the looks. It’s a solid pass on anything in a bright colour or any fakes. Wear high-quality stuff that you can afford. If you can’t get a custom-made blazer, buy a nice one online and bring it to the tailor for adjustments. The same goes for watches. There are great affordable options, don’t buy a fake.

Finally, a word on shoes. I know we don’t usually get that specific in these guides. Truth be told, Slovakian girls are a little picky (more on that later). It’s worth paying attention to detail. As for shoes, it boils down to the all-important rule:

A nice pair of Oxfords go with everything. Yeezys don’t.

I don’t care how much you love Kanye’s design creations or what huge sneaker aficionado you are. Slovakian women prefer classic elegance over sporty/edgy. You would be surprised at how far a good pair of shoes (and some smooth talk) can take you.

Dates With Slovakian Girls

The guy pays for the first date is pretty much universal in Eastern Europe. She will be expecting it and if she doesn’t accept it…guess what, it was not a real date.

Yes, Slovakian girls do that all the time.

If you ask me, it’s because they’re too sweet to turn down guys but also because they love attention. She will give you a chance even if she’s not that into you. Then, come the end of the date, she will refuse to let you pay. It’s a nice gesture that they don’t want to waste your cash. They have still wasted your time, though.

And time = money.

Which is why there is one unbreakable rule for asking Slovakians out:

Be blunt!

A Story For Illustration Purposes

This is kind of an awkward one. The other day I ran into a friend of mine at a bar. He was with a girl (a cute one) so I thought best not to interrupt. I can greet him when they get up to leave.

But, I can’t help that I am curious.

Over the course of the date, she was getting progressively drunker but they weren’t getting progressively closer. They sat across the table from each other for crying out loud. When the tab came, I noticed they had a little ‘quarrel’ on who pays. This is actually fairly common in Eastern Europe, except among friends, not on a date.

When they got up, he awkwardly tried to put his arm around her. She strode forward. When I went up to say hi, the girl seemed thrilled not to be alone with her date. She insisted he stay with me in the bar, instead of walking her to get a cab. Their pseudo-date ended in a side hug.

Yes, a side hug.

A couple of days later I heard the whole story over beer. Basically, Anna used to work with my friend and they were flirty friends for a while. When she left the company (my friend is an English teacher, it’s apparently common for them to switch jobs quite often), they would still grab coffee sometimes. Then, one fateful day, he saw her on Tinder and that is how he knew she was single (she did have a boyfriend throughout their flirty coworker-ship).

He goes on to text her and ask her out. The typical ‘Drinks around 9?’ She does not turn him down, instead, she friend zones him.

This is Slovakian girls for you.

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The Moral Of The Story

There are plenty of mistakes my friend made. Ultimately, though, his time could have been saved had he said:

Now that you are single, let’s go on a date.

Yes, this is blunt and it makes you more vulnerable to rejection. The truth is, though, if she isn’t into you:

  • You can either waste 4 hours of your life for a date that’s not really a date (and ends with an awkward half-hug)
  • Alternatively, get rejected right away and move on.

I get it, we all hate rejection. But if it’s coming, it’s coming. Better to rip the band-aid, right?

Slovakian Girls And Their Taste In Men

There is no sugar-coating the fact that Slovakian girls are picky. There is no less of lack of men in Slovakia (unlike Russia or Ukraine) and this is a nation of beautiful people.

There are ways to win over a Slovakian girl, though, and victory will be all the more sweet.

Here’s how:

  • Look effortlessly great. I know you can’t change your face shape or your height, but you can dress sharp, work out, and smell good. These are the things that matter.
  • Focus on building a connection. Slovakian girls would pick a guy they can actually talk to over any other. Time to get those smooth conversation skills polished to perfection.
  • Stay humble. Confidence is great but true confidence doesn’t need constant showing off. Love yourself all you want, but with a Slovakian woman, self-irony goes further than boasting.
  • Don’t take anything personal. That girl turned you down? Big deal, move on to the other. Why waste time impressing a woman that is only slightly interested?

Slovakian Girls In Relationships

Your new Slovakian girlfriend genuinely does not understand boys night. She doesn’t do girls night either.

Everything you do in Slovakia is couple-friendly. Even watching the game with your male friends is not a guy-only activity. Local men bring their girlfriends to these things all the time.

Granted, they usually end up gossiping with the other girls, but if there are no other women, they will watch the game. With genuine interest.

The same goes for her girly hangouts. Apart from going to get their nails or hair done, Slovakian girls are happy to bring their priatel (boyfriend) along. They love going out to dance with their men, they like spa days, they cheers to getting a beer with your friends. It’s a couples culture.

To her, joining you on boys night is not weird or intrusive, simply because boys night doesn’t exist in Slovakia.

Long, LONG Term With Slovakian Women

Although they pair up young, Slovakian girls tend to wait longer than say, FSU girls, before settling down. That being said, once your relationship passes the 2-year mark (or even the 1-year mark for some girls), start preparing for “The Talk”.

Ready for some good news? Slovakian women are not as obsessed with expensive engagement rings as their Western counterparts.

And don’t worry about getting trapped in a stale relationship without passion. Slovakian girls love to take care of their men (well, you will notice this during the dating stage, too). They dress up and look pretty even after they are paired up.

In any case, to meet Slovakian girls, start with this website. and check out DAnet.

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