10 Countries to Meet Beautiful Slavic Girls

Beautiful Slavic girls are not limited to Russia and Ukraine. Here are 10 amazing countries with great Slavic women! I am not saying you should go visit all of them… But I also kind of am. Read on to find more!

Slavic Countries: What Are They Even?

Slavs are the largest ethnolinguistic group in Europe. They share a similar language and similar genes. Since there are so many of us, though, there are also tons of differences. Being Slavic is a common ground for all the countries on this list… But apart from that, they (and their girls) can be super diverse.

Usually, we divide Slavs into three groups – East, West, and South Slavs. They are east, west, or south relative to each other, though. For instance, West Slavs live in Central Europe, and South Slavs – in the East of the continent.

Western Slavic Girls

Sexy slavic girls

The Western Slavs are Czechs, Kashubians, Poles, Silesians, Slovaks and Sorbs. Their languages help sub-divide them into three more groups.

Western Slavs are Catholic and that’s what sets them apart. Of course, younger people tend to be atheist. The Catholic church still has a very strong influence on day-to-day life for Western Slavic people. You will notice it if you date them. You’ll also notice it just by walking around.

For instance, abortions are still hugely controversial in most of these countries. Contraception might be frowned upon, especially the morning after pill.

Finally, Western Slavic women look and act wholesome but it’s mostly for show. Keeping your reputation clean is one thing, but it doesn’t mean that people don’t have casual flings, or that they dress in mid-length skirts only. There are all sorts of Slavic girls in the West – the pure and the tainted.

Poland: The Land Of Beautiful

Poland needs so much more hype than it gets. It’s gorgeous, the price of travelling or moving there is very low, and the women are pretty, too. I had a friend who spent a month there on an exchange. He said he couldn’t believe how much better it was than he expected.

The thing with Poland is we associate it with Soviet-era grey and grandiose architecture. It’s nothing like that. Just take a stroll down the cobbled streets of the Krakow old town, or a long and beautiful hike in the Bieszczady Mountains.

And as for Polish girls – they are as sweet as could be. Most have been raised conservative. They value family, they are nurturing and feminine, and (in large cities at least), they are well-educated and speak very good English.

One big thing you should know about Polish girls: their moms are their best friends. Female family members, in general, are super important to them. So yes, her mother knows all about you, way before you even meet the parents. Make an effort for a great first impression!

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Czech Republic: Redheads, anyone?

Sexy slavic girls

There are plenty of things you’ll love about the Czech Republic. The high density of redheads is just one of them.

Finally, the rhythm of life is different there. Work-life balance is way more important than it is in the West. Men and women alike place a high value on family and on nurturing healthy relationships. It helps that the culture is very relationship-friendly. People do tend to pair up young. That’s a perk if you want to meet young Slavic girls. It can make dating women over 30 a bit challenging, though.

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Slovakia: Can You Point That On A Map?

Poland get a mistaken reputation. Slovakia doesn’t have much of a reputation. I did a little research for the purposes of this article. Out of the people I asked (smart people, most of them in medical school or doctors), none could put Slovakia on a map.

And this is a shame because the place is worth every second of the trip.

It’s a mountainous country, perfect for nature lovers. The mounts, the lakes, the bright green valleys… But you also have Bratislava, “The Little Big City” with its’ century-old architecture and magical atmosphere. To be honest, I couldn’t think of a better backdrop for romance.

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Southern Slavs (Balkans): The Best Ever, Right?

Sexy slavic girls

Yes, I’m biased. If you haven’t figured it out already, I am Slavic. I come from a beautiful little country called Bulgaria. And we have the same problem like Slovakia. Very few foreigners have even heard of us.

But Southern Slavs (and Southern Slavic girls) are genuinely awesome. And since I am Bulgarian, we’ll start with my country:

Bulgaria: Beauty With Brains

Bulgaria is big enough to give you ton of places to explore, and tiny enough to feel homey. Bulgarians are hospitable, we are fun, and I’ve heard it said, on numerous occasions, that we have the cutest girls.

But Slavic girls here aren’t what you expect. Think Nina Dobrev (yes, she is actually Bulgarian). Thick dark hair, athletic, large eyes. Most Bulgarian women aren’t blonde at all. Some dye their hair blonde because looking great is a big deal here.

In Bulgaria, a woman should never let herself go. From a young age, girls are taught that they will be judged on looks. At the same time, Bulgarian girls are very independent. They value education very highly. It’s just that family always comes first. And that is why you should get yourself a hot Bulgarian girlfriend!

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Croatia: Beachy Babes

Croatia is not all beaches – it’s also castles, and cobbled streets, and seafood, and stunning views. But to be honest, nothing beats the beach for meeting cuties. Day game works like wonder here! Ditch the “rub sunscreen on me” line, though. Unless you look like Chris Evans, you’re better off with… you know, normal flirty conversation.

Serbia: Balkan Bombshells

There are plenty of reasons to visit Serbia and women are just one of them. There is also the great food, the fact that it’s so cheap, and the beautiful mountains, the castle-like monasteries. Serbia tends to get skipped on Balkan tours or people just go to Belgrade. If you have the time, though, rent a car and take a road trip around the country. The roads aren’t great and the stick shift might be an issue, but you will be rewarded with some of the coolest views you can imagine!

Sexy slavic girls

And as for the women, Serbian girls are true bombshells. In Bulgaria, women try hard on appearances but the key is making it look natural. In Serbia, it’s all about getting glammed up. Even when Serbians get a boyfriend, they still love dolling themselves up. All the men looking her up and down on the street are a compliment – both to her and to you!

Macedonia: A Lake And Tons Of Statues

The Ohrid lake is world-famous. Skopie is full of statues – really, it’s almost like a grown-up Disneyland. And while beautiful Slavic girls are just as common in Macedonia, your issue might be the language. Maybe it’s just my bad memories but people didn’t speak English too well. Other than that, Macedonian girls (and Macedonian people) are great!

Montenegro: The New Beauty Of The Balkans

Before I get sued, the tagline actually comes from a Telegraph article. It is true nonetheless. Montenegro is growing and it’s glowing. Montenegrin beaches are Eastern Europe’s best-kept secret. Just look at the pictures from Budva. No more convincing needed. Oh, and there is also the thing with cute girls. But you know that already – Slavic girls are beautiful!

Eastern Slavic Girls

East Slavs are the most well-known. You have Ukraine here, and you also have Russia. But these are way too well-known. Here is one more country for you to meet those notorious Slavic cuties:

Belarus: Up There

Belarusian women are tall. That’s the first thing that will surprise you. But, other than their height, they are also super pretty and super smart.

Belarusian girls face a lot of pressure. On one hand, they are expected to be good wives and mothers. On the other, women have always worked in Belarus. During the communist era, men and women were both expected to work for the homeland. Not much has changed. Virtually every Belarusian mother also works full-time.

Sexy slavic girls

Slavic Girls: Which Is Your Favourite?

Slavs are a very diverse group. You have fair-skinned, docile Ukrainians, the strong-willed Bulgarians, the Venus-type Serbians, the warm and family-minded Poles. The more you travel through Slavic countries, the more you’ll realize the differences.

Which brings me to my final question:

What breed of beautiful Slavic girls are your favourite?

How would you go about meeting them? We could all use some tips there (I don’t care how big of a pickup artist you are). If you share some stories – even better. Gotta love those international love fairytales. Or amazing party stories because there is no party like a Slavic party. Either way, I hope to hear from you in the comments below! Cheers, tiger!

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  1. Slavs have the most beautiful blonds and gingers next to celts!! I have seen drop dead georgious blond and redhead Serbians (unfortunatley they don’t have that many ginger like russians and ukrainians) but those i met were so so so beautiful. Russia and Ukraine have doll like women. So extremly beautiful. Haven’t been to Bulgaria. Will check it out


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