Russian Cupid Review: How To Meet Beautiful Russian Girls Online

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Russian Cupid is the leading website to find your dream Russian girl. As one of the biggest and oldest dating platforms in this niche, I expected nothing short of awesome when I dived into this Russian Cupid review.

And boy did it deliver!

What’s The Deal With Russian Cupid?

There are two types of dating sites, right? The ones you pay for and…Tinder. Well, Tinder and the others like it. Free dating is almost always no strings attached dating. That works for some people.

It works for me, too – there are so many girls on there and it requires almost zero investment, both time and money-wise.

Russian Cupid is not like that.

You pay for membership and a lot of guys have a problem with that. I see reviews upon reviews online of people who think the site is too expensive. But hey, if you can’t afford it that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Paid Dating Benefits

I, for one, am a huge fan of both free and paid online dating. When I started this Russian Cupid review, I was far from a newbie, although I hadn’t tried that particular service. If you are looking for a Russian girl for a great long-term relationship, I think free dating sites will not cut it.

Russian women get a reputation for being more materialistic than girls in the West. That is only half-true.

Yes, Russians value wealth but bear in mind that they are also a very conservative culture. The girls on Russian Cupid are not looking for one-night stands, they want a life partner. And so they apply to you their standards for a life partner.

You would not like to marry someone immature, flimsy, and unstable, either, right?

When I date on paid platforms, girls tend to be the girlfriend (or even wifey) type. Free dating apps are fun but you don’t get people who are willing to invest in a relationship. Heck, they were not even willing to invest themselves into finding a partner in the first place.

russian cupid review

Russian Cupid Review Experience

I hate recommending stuff I haven’t actually tried out. So I had to give Russian Cupid a test ride. It works great on paper and it has some real nice reviews.

But nothing quite beats an honest first-hand field report.

Sign Up And Ease Of Access

Signing up takes you less than 5 minutes and filling out your profile – some extra 5 to 10, depending on how long it takes you to come up with a fun bio.

I am already a member of other Cupid Media websites (and I have to tell you, they all work like wonder for dating beyond borders—make sure to read our International Cupid review).

Russian Cupid looked and felt just like the others. I’m not so sure how I feel about that.

The platform is user friendly and it has a decent design but they could have put a bit more effort into it.

Russian Cupid Vs Other Cupid Media Platforms

Cupid Media is the mother company to Russian Cupid. They have over 17 years of niche dating experience and their portfolio includes 35 specialized sites. Cupid Media is the market leader and they seem to continue growing.

The same customer service and security standards apply to all of their platforms, including Russian Cupid.

I was also pleased to notice that some of the women from other websites also appeared on Russian Cupid. This significantly increases your chances of meeting that Russian dream girl of yours.

Russian Cupid Review: Test 1

The first thing I look out for on new dating sites is bots, and Russian Cupid passed that one successfully. Yes, there was one girl that messaged me but she had seen my profile and she didn’t just say something generic. She was real.

So far, so good, Russian Cupid was looking genuine and fun (and that girl was gorgeous!).

Finding A Serious Relationship On Russian Cupid

Remember what I told you about Eastern European girls?

Yes, they are looking for a serious relationship, a.k.a. marriage and kids. Dating a Russian they say feels like being with a model who has the same morals as your grandmother. In truth, most girls even had something along the lines of ‘I am hoping to meet The One here’ on their profiles. Russian girls aren’t playing, that’s for sure.

Interestingly enough, this was true for older and younger women alike. I browsed through quite a lot of profiles while researching for this Russian Cupid review. Girls as young as 19 would say they’re looking for a husband. Which tells you two important things about Russian Cupid:

It will work great if you want to get in a long-term relationship with a woman who is happy to take care of her man (plus looks like a lingerie model).

The site is definitely not for holiday romance hunters. Nor is it for the times where you are alone on your work trip to Russia. Good old Tinder will work just fine for that.

How To Meet A Russian Beauty

The other little test I ran during my Russian Cupid review research was to see if the girls are real.

Granted, there are websites that work exclusively with agencies and all the women look absurdly attractive. Russian Cupid, however, boasts that it’s a completely free access (but high anti-scammer control) website. As such, I didn’t expect all the Russians on there to look like future Vogue cover girls.

Happily, Russian Cupid passed this one as well. At the time I first logged in there were 1637 members online.

Most women were way above average but they weren’t unrealistically gorgeous. Some were older, some looked really young. They came from different cities, different backgrounds, they had set different standards for the man they were looking for. None of that said spam or bot to me.

I later went on to talk to some of the girls and sure enough, they proved to be real.

Tips For Your Russian Cupid Profile

OK, so Russian Cupid is legit and the girls are real. That’s good but how about some real-life advice on attracting a gorgeous Russian woman?

Look The Part

The most basic of all tips, add a profile photo. But don’t just put one that you took in the middle of a night out with your friends.

I’m sure that picture is a fun memory but it will not impress Russian beauties. Remember, they are in this to meet a potential future husband.

Although not all of them put it on their profiles, these girls would rather if you didn’t smoke and only drank occasionally. Husband material, everybody.

Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

You are more than welcome to hate me for this advice. Research has found that over half of online daters lie on their profiles (or ‘seriously misrepresent’ as the sociologists put it). Whether you like it or not, though, the truth always surfaces. And while your Tinder date might not mind that you overstated your interest in theater and performance art, her Russian Cupid counterpart will not be as accepting of your lies.

To put it simply, being honest is in your best interest.

Russian women are very open-minded and they accept that boys will be boys. It’s okay if you say you want to meet a hot girl. It would be better if you added that you also want somebody with a sweet personality and some conversation.

My point is to be upfront about your expectations on your profile and in messages.

Dating online is a numbers game. You want as many girls that meet your preferred type and as few that don’t as possible. An honest profile will get you just as many model-like women – ones that you actually want to date, too.

Message Her First

Russian girls can be a bit shallow, really.

They want you to chase them, not the other way round.

Don’t be afraid to compliment her and cut to the chase as soon as possible. Mention if you have any trips to Russia already planned. If she is interested, she’ll be thrilled to meet you and taking the lead gives you some bonus points.

So How Much Will It Cost Me?

Russian Cupid is a paid website.

You can register, search, and even message some members for free but there is a tiny catch.

If you want to talk to a girl at least one of you should have a premium account. Remember how I told you Russian women want to be chased? Well, to them this extends to expecting you to have a Gold or Platinum profile. It’s a bit like expecting you to pay for the first date but in a 21st century version.

The payment model is membership-based. You pay per month or every few months and that gives you access to all features of the website.

There are no hidden costs – no virtual bouquets of roses (that set you back more than flower delivery would), no pay-per-minute video chat, no limit on the photos you see or messages you send.

You can either get a Gold or a Platinum membership and the most affordable option is always when you pay for a whole year. I personally recommend Platinum because the price difference is tiny but it gives you many more benefits.

Your profile appears on top of the page, you get translation service, you can search by more advanced criteria (like bra cup size) etc.

With a 12-month membership, the Platinum profile costs less than 50 cents per day!

russian cupid review

Russian Cupid Review: Is It Worth It?

Yes, yes, and yes. Russian Cupid didn’t fail my expectations.

The girls were real, gorgeous, and smart, too. The platform ran smoothly. I didn’t come across potential scammers but I did see a lot of potential wives. So if Russian girls are your jam, definitely try Russian Cupid out!

Do you agree with our Russian Cupid review? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below…

PS: If you’d like to sign up and browse the Russian Cupid profiles for free, just click here.

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