Are Romanian Brides A Real Thing?


You have heard of Ukrainian brides, Russian brides, all sorts of Eastern European brides. But what about Romanian brides? What are the chances that you meet a genuine, not-scamming Romanian bride? Let’s take a long, hard look.

Let Go Of The Fantasy

A staggering amount of Western men flock to Eastern Europe, hoping that as soon as they land, they’d get a leggy blonde with their passport stamp. This is not how it works.

Three things that are a stereotype but also very real in Romania:

  • There is a need for mature, sober, and reliable males to start a family with.
  • The culture dictates that a girl should marry before she is 30 (ideally around 25-26).
  • Romanian women try extra hard to look great. They need to, there is real competition among girls. The English levels are reasonably high among them too—so they go the extra mile when it comes to the intellectual stuff, although the Romanian language is beautiful.

But here are three things which are also true:

  • Pride is a universal human quality. It is especially pronounced in Romanian girls.
  • Women were raised to make a wise decision regarding their future husband. They might be extra cold at first as a sort of test.

In other words, while Romanian brides are interested in Western men, they are not and would not allow themselves to be desperate.

Romanian Brides

Romanian Girls And Looks

Here’s the biggest similarity between Ukrainian/Russian and Romanian brides:

They look good and they know it.

Both of these nations can seem super superficial. Women especially (but also guys) know that beauty is power. Eastern European women as a whole are willing to spend a lot more time and money on their looks.

As the cliché goes, men are attracted by looks and women are into words.

This does help to explain the Romanian obsession with beauty. The average Romanian girl wears more makeup, has a larger wardrobe, and spends more on hair and nails (and perhaps lip injections and botox) than any Western chick.

It’s crazy because this is not a rich country but you can see it almost right away.

But is it because Romanian brides have low self-esteem?

Not really, for the most part, it’s the exact opposite.

Doing makeup and wearing heels to improve your self-esteem is seeking external validation. If you really want to know what makes Romanian women tick, you must absolutely know that they are not looking for validation. It’s a calculated tactic to attract men, much like pick up lines.

More Thoughts On Desperation & Neediness (And Why Showing It Is The Ultimate Dating Mistake)

It should be clear by now that you’re not allowed to act, talk, or look desperate. Romanian women aren’t and neither should you. Neediness is never an attractive trait—by either sex, for that matter.

Here is a comprehensive list of reasons that make you desirable for Romanian chicks (and all Eastern European women, for that matter):

  1. Dependable
  2. Mature
  3. Financially responsible
  4. Decent (or much better than decent) career
  5. Resourceful and experienced (yes, being older than her is actually a good thing)
  6. Proactive about finding a meaningful relationship
  7. Willing to cut to the chase and give up on silly childish games

So, while you shouldn’t expect Romanian women to be desperate, know your own worth, too.

The most famous building in Bucharest, Romania’s capital.

How Romanian Women Choose Their Men

My Eastern European grandma always told me a girl should know her worth.

She went on to say that there are two types of women—the flowers and the weed.

The flowers are rare, they might be shy, they are not always the first you notice. Weed girls (yeah, that does sound weird to me, too) are easier to find, easier to get, and they grab your attention, much like weed does in a garden. But really, the ones you want to marry are the flowers.

Romanian women have been taught to be flowers.

They take good care of themselves, they work out, they do everything in their power to look great. Ultimately, it’s because their Eastern European grandmas raised them to be the flower type.

But along with that, they were raised to look at love and marriage as two separate things. Yes, love is a great basis for a lasting relationship. It takes a lot more than falling in love to make for a lasting marriage, though. You don’t need me to tell you that, it’s logically obvious.

Still, in the West, there is a tendnecy to over-romanticize the honeymoon stage. Romanian dating culture is different. When things get serious, you better bet your girl will back off a bit and evaluate the situation.

Married With Kids?

If you are a bit older or if you already have kids of yours, that might be a serious reason for Romanian girls to back off. Of course, nobody’s saying that having children automatically means that you don’t want anymore. She will presume that anyway.

99% of Romanian women who want to get married also want children. Remaining childless could be the biggest deal-breaker of them all.

I’m an EE girl, and I personally want kids—and I’m honestly having a hard time understanding people who don’t. However, if you are as convinced about not having (any other) children as I am about having them, you should mention it early on.

If not, say that you do want kids.

Most international dating sites have a “What do you expect out of a relationship?” field.

This is where you should settle the kids or no kids dilemma once and for all. It will not only help avoid awkward conversations in future but also leave an impression of assertiveness and willingness to stand your ground. These are quintessentially masculine quantities that Romanian brides do love.

There are also all sorts of other things that come up, such as where you’ll live, what language your kids will speak, etc.

Romanian Bride

The Slut Factor

Romanian culture is a lot more relaxed on the matter than, say, Russian dating tradition.

That being said, you wouldn’t see third-wave feminists waving “I am a proud slut”, flags either.

Promiscuity is a complex issue in Romania.

It could also turn out to be the biggest deal breaker for you. You’d see the full range of options in Romania. There are the women who wait until they get married and there are also the girls who think nothing of one night stands and casual hookups.

If anything, experience comes in handy in the bedroom (but that’s a topic for an entirely different article).

[If you need help improving in that area, we suggest checking out this guide. It’s an excellent, short read with very practical and easy-to-implement advice.]

The key here is how she views you.

Romanian women are not gold diggers per se but some wouldn’t have an issue with using you for money. Western men are still perceived as incredibly wealthy. Some Romanian girls wouldn’t mind pursuing a short-term, money-oriented relationship for you just to get wined and dined at the best restaurants and to receive expensive gifts every time she lets you into her bed.

Now, some men are fine with that but they’d be looking for a sugar baby, not for Romanian brides.

If you’re not ok with it, consider looking outside the usual hookup hotspots. A bar may be a fun place to meet girls but some bars are sugar baby wannabe magnets

You are looking for the girls who want to put out, who want to take care of you, who want to pursue a lasting relationship. I’m not saying you should skip the bars altogether—but I am saying that you shouldn’t trust women too much at first.

(Also true anywhere in the world)

(Also remember to never turn a hoe into a housewife)

Why Online Dating Is A Decent Alternative

Niche dating on the Internet is booming. It’s a billion-dollar industry already and that is without counting the scammers (because how do you really count them).

Still, international online dating is an alternative worth considering. Places like International Cupid resemble traditional dating sites and give you a lot more freedom than a marriage agency. The women on there are more likely to be Romanian “brides”, simply because they are putting effort into the dating process.

Who do you think is more likely to want to pursue something with you?

A. The chick who threw on some high heels and dragged her friend to the club.

B. The girl who spent hours perfecting her profile pictures and description.

The time investment is key here.

The ugly truth of dating sites is it’s always the guy who pays. On International Cupid, at least one of two people talking should be a premium member. Girls hardly ever buy premium. But even this way, the time and effort a woman would spend on a dating platform can’t even be compared to the effort required for a night out.

Of course, this method is not foolproof. You’ll be limiting your choice and there is always the danger of scammers. Ultimately, though, online dating could be a slightly more reliable of meeting Romanian brides.

And What Do You Have To Say?

So there you have it, our take on the existence of Romanian brides and the likelihood of getting one.

PS: If you want to meet some of the girls of Romania, try the Balkan section of International Cupid.

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