A Walk Around Old Town Dubrovnik

| Croatia

I recently spent some time in Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia, and was very impressed with the city as a whole. Despite being there in January, it was still a great experience. I can’t even imagine how crowded this place gets come summertime. I should note, the image that you see in the header of this […]

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17 Things You Should Know About Russian Culture

| Russia

1. Russia is huge. In fact, it is the largest country in the world, covering 6,592,800 square miles. With that size, it’s natural that you come across with all sorts of Russian people, without actually being able to distinguish common characteristics. So, more than an introduction, this is actually fact 1 on Russian culture. Respect […]

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5 Can’t Miss Things to Do in Verona, Italy

| Central Europe

While Verona isn’t really in Eastern Europe, it is one of the “gateway cities”. Just a couple hours away from the always popular Venice, Verona is a great place to stop off for a day or two. From Venice, Slovenia and Croatia are just a couple hours away. So if you’re going West to East, or East […]

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Top 9 Things To Do in Riga, Latvia

| Eastern Europe

Riga is not Talinn. Meaning that unlike the Estonian capital, Riga is not as crowded, but not meaning that it isn’t every bit as charming. You could say that this Baltic capital is unfairly underrated. With less than a million people living there, it remains cozy, but it’s still very diverse, lively and young. And […]

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An Insider Look at the Sofia Nightlife Scene

| Bulgaria

Sofia is vibrant city, full of art and history, delectable food to sample, and yet you will not find the usual crowds of tourists even during high season. If that doesn’t have you Google-ing plane tickets (which by the way, are quite affordable from most European cities and since it’s a short flight. The Sofia […]

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Do You Need to Learn the Bulgarian Language for Traveling to Bulgaria?

| Bulgaria

Be honest, other than Bulgarian split squats you probably don’t know much about Bulgaria—let alone the Bulgarian language. No judgment here. This small, southern Balticcountry is easily forgotten by most of the West. However, the Bulgarian language has some unique history and characteristics that make it stand apart from the other Slavic languages. More on […]

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Serbian Women: The Secrets You Gotta Know

| Dating

Ah, Belgrade and Serbian women. Party all night and mingle with Balkan beauties until the sun rises, right…? …Right? Regular readers of travel blogs and trip reports have surely come across various articles hailing Belgrade as the “Number 1 party city in Europe”, “Ultimate Nightlife Experience”—among many other made-up awards and buzzwords. Now, this is neither […]

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Trakai Village—An Insider Look

| Lithuania

Trakai is a beautiful little village just outside of Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s one of the most charming places I’ve been to in Eastern Europe. The village itself is small and peaceful. Trakai Castle in many ways reminds me of a little village of Lego Robotics I build when I was a child. It’s that surreal. It’s quite easy […]

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How to Learn Polish to Survive

| Language

One of the greatest challenges travelers to Poland face is simply navigating basic signs around the cities. As someone who spent the a good chunk of time living in Poland, I’ll be the first to tell you that not being able to read is a huge pain. Then I decided to learn Polish—well, at least a little bit. […]

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