A Foreigner’s Guide To Slovakian Beer

Slovakian Beer

We did an article on Slovakian girls. We did one on Slovakian dating sites. But, as awesome as this country’s women may be, a man can’t live on hot dates alone. If you are looking for inspiration on what to order during your next bar-hopping … Read more

Understanding the Classes of Romanian People

Romanian People

Romanian people come with the “poor Eastern European” stereotype. This, however, is not the full story. Romanians actually come from all sorts of backgrounds. There are the very poor and the obscenely rich. Read on to find out about how Romanian society actually is! A … Read more

Romanian Models: The 10 Most Famous

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How to Date a Slovenian Girl like Melania Trump

Romanian People

Melania is definitely a looker. You wouldn’t expect less from a former bikini model, right? But how do you get a Slovenian girl just like her? After all, it can’t be that hard to look better than Donald Trump (though making his fortune might be a … Read more

Comparing Balkan Women Across The Countries

Balkan women

Balkan women come in all shapes and forms—not just the blonde, blue-eyed, Slavic type. Since we already did Slavic Vs. Balkan girls in a previous article (go check it out, it’s fun and very educational), let’s now look at the differences within the Balkans. Or, … Read more

10 Countries to Meet Beautiful Slavic Girls

Sexy slavic girls

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A Foreigner’s Guide to Romanian Wine

Romanian wine

Romanian wine might not be the first thing you associate with this Eastern European country. But Romania is the sixth largest producer of wine in Europe. After the disastrous 2017 harvest more and more wine lovers are looking to ex-Soviet states that offer excellent wines … Read more

5 Off The Grid Cities to Meet Hot Romanian Girls

Hot Romanian Girls

Hot Romanian girls are everywhere, right? Kind of, yes. The thing is, it’s a shame to limit yourself to just a bunch of popular places. That’s the whole idea behind going off the grid, right? That doing the same old thing, walking the same beaten … Read more

Balkan Girls vs Slavic Girls: What You Need to Know

balkan girls

Since dating Russians and Ukrainians has been getting so old, welcome to the Balkan extravaganza. And while actual Balkan girls hate getting mistaken for Russians, I get how it’s confusing for a foreigner. Which is where this article comes in. A Lesson In Geography I … Read more