What Are Moldova Women Like?


In Eastern Europe, everybody talks about Russian girls—but do you know who totally slips under the radar? That’s right—Moldova women. 

Unfortunately, Moldova itself tends to simply fall by the wayside simply because of where it is in the world. With an entire country population of just over 3.5 million people, many Western travelers haven’t even heard of this country, much less have an interest in going.

But, there are a few reasons to go:

  1. It’s super off the grid—undoubtedly you’ll be the only foreigner there at many points in the year. This is a exciting opportunity to really immerse yourself in a culture.
  2. It’s a look back in time to true Soviet architecture  and culture (more on that in a second).
  3. Moldova women are beautiful, sweet, and are undoubtedly going to at least be curious of foreigners. (If you’re a girl thinking of traveling to Moldova, unfortunately I don’t have any good advice for you on what Moldova men think of you) 😉

moldova women

The Physical Appearance of Moldova Women

Well for starters, it’s important to remember that Moldova women are, in fact, Eastern European women. They’re truly the cream of the crop in the world.

Whatever they put in the food and water in Eastern Europe, it’s resulted in just such a stunning demographic of women. It’s truly incredible if you haven’t seen it for yourself (though admittedly I’m not sure I’d recommend Moldova as your first venture—I’d be more inclined to point you in the direction of Poland or Ukraine).

Perhaps it’s the many years of turmoil that Eastern Europe has faced that has led to quite a mixed gene pool, but whatever it is—I’m not complaining. I just wish it could be bottled and sold around the world.

Back on topic: Moldova women are stunning. They tend to have the high cheekbones, long straight hair, and generally slim bodies that you find throughout Eastern Europe. The women of Moldova also tend to have a bit of that “dusky” look, which is so difficult to put into words but everybody knows.

Generally speaking, you’re likely to find the slightly dark hair types, but that’s not to say you can’t find your fair share of lighter hair colors in Moldova, either.

Moldova Women Personalities

You must remember this—Eastern Europe as a whole is a “cold” place. This means that much of the warmth (or fakeness, depending on who you ask) of Western people is lost in Eastern Europe.

I prefer to think of it as people being more real.

Part of it is the weather that plagues the region for half the year. Part of it is the personalities. And in some places, like Moldova, the coldness is just from fatigue. Fatigue at always being in the middle of wars, conflict, and generally getting the short end of the stick.

And frankly, I do think part of it comes from the…well, kind of depressing architecture. While the first two buildings in this photo are pretty cool, take a look BEHIND them. You’ll see the typical blocks and blocks of Soviet housing.

(If you’re looking for a place to stay, read out post about the best Chisinau hotels.)

moldova women chinisau

Don’t be upset if your Moldova girl is a bit cold to you at first—with time, she’ll warm up (keep reading to find out more).

Moldova Women Mail Order Brides

Much like Ukraine and Russia, the mail order bride system does exist in Moldova. It is important to be aware of this situation if you plan to visit and date Moldova girls.

Of course, there are some girls in Eastern Europe who truly do want to find marriage to a Western guy. Their reasons may be legitimate or not, but it’s safe to say they have a desire to leave their home country. While I won’t advise you on whether or not this is a road you should even go down, I will say this:

Watch out for the scams.

Please, please, please.

I’ve spent my fair bit of time in Eastern Europe, and the foreign bride industry is a multi-million, if not billion, dollar industry in some of these places. Thousands of girls are being paid to chat online to unsuspecting Western men—milking them for $5 a minute phone conversations on specific dating websites.

This is how it works:

  • A very beautiful girl has professional photos taken by an agency.
  • Those photos are uploaded to the dating website with her permission.
  • Other “chat girls” are hired to pretend to be this very beautiful girl—meanwhile, the girl who is actually in the photos is already out of the situation.
  • The chat girls milk unsuspecting Western men for all the money, gifts, and affection they can get. This is done by keeping them on the dating websites, where chats, translations, and pictures all cost exuberant sums of money to send.
  • In the event that the man actually comes to a place like Moldova, then the original Moldova girl from the photos is called up.
  • She shows up to the dates, usually brings a translator (even if she speaks fluent English), and then it’s her turn to milk the man for everything that he’s worth.
  • The end result is the man being fooled on the internet, fooled in person, and usually going home heartbroken, confused, and out thousands of dollars


So, what is a safe bet?

If you’re considering heading to Moldova, you should definitely consider doing some online dating in preparation. This will prepare you for the questions (read the next section for the run-down on those), the language barriers, and give you an inside peek at Moldova women and their personalities.

With that being said, Russian Cupid is a legitimate websites to find a Moldova girl. Moldova as a country itself is too small to have a dating site like Russian Cupid, but plenty of Moldova women are registered on that site.

Rather than forking over thousands of dollars to the “dating agencies”, just sign up for a month of Russian Cupid. A one month membership is less than $35 (and you can browse for free before signing up), so there’s almost no risk involved.

Click here to sign up for Russian Cupid and check out the girls of Moldova.

moldova women

Miss Moldova, 2014

There Are Plenty of Good Moldova Women

I promise you, they do exist. But you do have to go find one, and while she’ll be curious—she may also be suspicious. You should expect any genuine Moldova girl to have a billion questions about why you’re in her home country.

She may accuse you of being a sex tourist.

She may ask why you don’t like dating women in your home country.

She will have her guards up in order not to get hurt by you. Many Eastern European women are like this towards foreigners, and it’s perfectly legitimate.

However, once you break down those barriers, the women of Moldova are some of the best in the world. Not only will you get stunning beauty, but a true desire to please you. She’ll want to do the “little things” for you—bake your favorite dish, iron your shirt for a night out, and genuinely take care of you.

If you take the time to genuinely take an interest in her, her life, and her country and culture—the sky is truly the limit.

Enjoy your trip to Moldova!

PS: To make the most of your trip to Moldova, meet some girls on Russian Cupid before you go.

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    Akhilesh, if you can find an extremely beautiful teenage soulmate, get one for me while you’re there!! lol

Jamley Alte September 30, 2018

Because she hasn’t sex brown or dark brown or even “Black” guy yet 🙂 and I grantee you if she had sex with those 2 skin color, she will say good bye to the white person “No offense” brother 🙂

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