The Definitive Guide to Czech Men (Men from the Czech Republic)

The Czech Republic is a country that never ceases to amaze. From the stunning architecture of Prague, to the picturesque mountains and valleys that surround it, this tiny nation has a lot to offer.

But what about the people? What makes Czech men so different from other nationalities of men?

Some think that the men in this country are all farmers or lumberjacks, but that’s not true at all! In fact, there are a lot of differences between the personality and behavior of men from different regions in Czechia.

For example, if you go to Prague, you’ll find more stylish men with an interest in art and culture. If you venture out into the countryside though, you’ll see a lot more traditional clothes and much heavier work ethic.

But what matters the most is that all men in Czechia are very special and pretty much different from your average man.

We’ll help you figure out the characteristics of the Czech male and we’ve got some dating tips to make sure that your relationship is successful! So let’s get this started!

Czech Men: Personality Traits

czech man personality

Your regular Czech man is a very hard-working individual. He’s not one to take risks and he tends to play it safe when making decisions, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t passionate!

They have a strong sense of family values and they enjoy being part of the community around them. A lot of them are very good with their hands and feel most comfortable when they’re working hard.

Most likely, you’ll meet a Czech man that is romantic but also not afraid to be firm if he needs to. He will always put the woman in his life first before anything else!

They are not known to be the most loyal men ever so you might have to put in some effort to make sure that he remains yours.

To help you achieve that and much more, I strongly recommend reading this guide. It will change your life and make your relationships so easy and safe from now on, even if you stumble upon a man who likes to look around.

Czech Men: Physical Traits

The average height of men in Czechia is 177 cm. Their average weight is 68 kg. As you can see, the average Czech man is both tall and slim. You’ll find that most of them are pretty light-skinned too and very pleasant to the eye!

If you’re a foreigner, then your man will most likely have dark hair and light eyes. His face is usually pretty angular but in a very masculine way.

He’s probably going to be wearing simple clothes, that are practical for work or recreation around the house. You’ll find him dressed up more often on special occasions though since he likes to look his best!

Generally speaking, though, we can safely say that men in the Czech Republic are handsome and care about their physical appearance.

This also means that they expect their partner to be the same – and you’ll have some serious competition from Czech women, which really take care of themselves.

The good thing is that they are generally attracted by foreigners, so this will work in your advantage. But do try to put some effort to look good for him – he will always appreciate that because men are very visual people.

Czech Men in a Relationship: What is it like to date them?

men in czechia

There are a lot of myths about Czech men being afraid to reveal their emotions or being unfaithful… and some of them do have a bit of truth behind them.

But I already linked to an amazing guide above – make sure to read it and you will never have to worry about anything!

A good number of men here are very open-minded though and they won’t hide their feelings or consider them un-masculine to do so.

When in a relationship with a man from the Czech Republic, know that they can’t stand clingy behavior and they need some space… but this doesn’t mean that he is with another woman. This is just the way they are.

Most likely things will change a bit later on, as they are very family-oriented in the end.

He will want to plan a future with you and start spending more time at home when he’s not working or taking care of his hobbies! He’ll probably make sure that you are comfortable all the time… And this is because they put their woman first, always.

If there are any problems though – do not hesitate to speak with him about it. He will be very open and willing to talk things through!

He likes to go out on dates and will take you to some of the best restaurants in town (check some of my recommendations in Prague), but do understand that sometimes he’ll just prefer to order a pizza and spend time with you in front of the TV – there’s nothing wrong about that!

As you can see, Czech men are some of the best partners that a woman can hope for – at least when they like you enough on first sight!

Their personality is great and they take care of their woman in a way that will make her happy all the time.

When dating Czech men, be sure to know what you want from life and stick with it. They will admire a woman who knows what she wants.


Hopefully, this makes it easier for you to understand how men in Czechia are – both in a relationship as well as in general terms. I am sure that you will find it very easy to fall in love with these unique kind of people

They are definitely worth fighting for if you want to have an amazing relationship. They truly make the best partners… But only for those who deserve it – which is why I recommend reading this guide first before even thinking of anything serious with one of these men.

Now I’m passing this over to you. Ever been in a relationship with a man from the Czech Republic? Let us all know how it all went, as well as any tips and tricks you might have to make a dating one a breeze.

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