A Guide to Croatian Wine

croatian wine

With rich cultural heritage, impressive nature, and stunning seacoast there are already plenty of reasons to visit Croatia. Wine is not necessarily the first that comes to mind when we mention this European beauty, but Croatian wine, while not as world-famous as French and Italian, … Read more

Meals in Prague and Price Examples

meals in prague

What’s great about Prague is how many different types of cuisines are available. If you go further east to a place like Ukraine, it becomes harder and harder to find some of the best cuisines in the world–Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese, Cuban, etc. Prague, on the … Read more

The 7 Best Krakow Restaurants by Cuisine

Krakow, Poland is a vibrant, youthful city filled with some amazing places to eat. Here is a guide to 7 of the best Krakow restaurants in the city center. This list is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to all Krakow restaurants. It is … Read more