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Forgotten Romance: The Romanian Language

| Eastern Europe

Romania has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. From snow covered mountains, lush rolling hills and evergreen forests. This place will be sure to take your breath away. This is no exception when it comes to the Romanian language as well. Romanian is one of five romance languages. This makes it quite useful […]

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A Local’s Guide to Bulgarian Culture

| Bulgaria

No, this is neither a tourist guide, nor an in-depth political analysis. This just one perspective on Bulgarian culture—a country that most Americans (and some Europeans for that matter) will struggle placing on the map. Hint: it’s in Eastern Europe. What does that tell you? Well, I am willing to bet that one of these […]

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Guide to Belgrade, Serbia: An Expat’s Secrets

| Serbia

Serbia is one of those very off the grid places with a somewhat untrue reputation. Many people think of Serbia as having mean guys, and every single one of them has a drinking problem. The fact of the matter is…only some of them do (read on to hear that story from Belgrade) 😉 Serbian people are friendly and […]

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