The Best Places for a Date in Kiev

Oh, those Ukrainian beauties, the second most popular choice after Russian girls to date for western men who are bored by overly-emancipated western women. It starts the same way as with any other women from other countries – online. First you need to create an account on one of the online dating services that offer dating Ukrainian women. Then you pick the girl you like and start chatting with her. If your chatting goes fine, sooner or later you you would discuss the possibility of transferring your online relationship to the offline world. And the very first step in that transition is arranging the first offline date.

As your first offline date would most likely take place in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, you need to know the best places for date in Kiev. To learn them, check out our list of dating places in Kiev.

Who said that Paris is the only romantic city in the world? Well, actually any place where two people love each other becomes instantly romantic, let’s concentrate on Kiev. There are a lot of romantic dating places in Kiev, the very first one being the “Lover’s Bridge”.

Lover’s Bridge

You can’t avoid Lover’s Bridge, when your dating takes place in Kiev. The Lover’s Bridge is also known as the Bridge of Kisses, because legend has it that when two lovers kiss on the bridge, they will never separate. Makes no surprise that every couple in Kiev will go to that bridge at least once in their life.

The Lover’s Bridge also has a quiet strange, though cute enough tradition of attaching locks to it. In order to ensure that their love will be locked, lovers write their names on the lock and then attach it to the bridge. So, when you are on the Lover’s Bridge, don’t be surprised by the big amount of locks. There are also ribbons and teddy bears on the bridge, and thousands of lovers’ names carved on it. Don’t try understanding that tradition, but you should try doing the same with your Ukrainian girl.

Maryinskyi Park

The Lover’s Bridge will lead you to Maryinkyi Park – the main dating spot in Kiev. Really, as soon as you enter the park you will start spotting couples here and there. The park is situated on the bank of the Dnieper River, where you can sit on the grass, enjoy the sights of nature and have a picnic with your lovely Ukrainian woman. There are many trees, alleys and benches where amorous couples sit. There is a grand fountain and a huge and monumental arch where you have a magnificent view over the river and city. Next to Mariyinsky Park sits Mariyinsky Palace, which is made in baroque style and adds to the romantic atmosphere of the park.

Fountain of Desires

It is situated in the yard of St. Michael’s cathedral. According to legend: for your heart’s desire to come true you have to drop a coin in fountain and during this moment you need to hold each other hands and to look into the eyes of your beloved and necessarily sincerely to believe that fountain will help you affairs of the heart. Makes no surprise, that it is the main dating attractions in Kiev.

Tree of Happiness

Situated in Navoditskyi Park, this magic tree is made of forged iron a small tree with leaves and apples on its branches. According to a legend on day of Marriage young couple has to tie a ribbon to the branch of the tree as a sign of unity till the end of time, to touch a leaf as a sign of happy life, and to touch a fruit for their fruits, i.e. children, of love would be happy and healthy. When you are dating in Kiev, you shouldn’t miss experiencing this rite. Especially, if you think that you are going to marry that Ukrainian girl that you are dating.

Enamored Lanterns

You can’t pass by this statue, if you are in Kiev. A sculpture settled down town in Independence Square has became a place for romantic appointments. Sculpture to Enamored Lanterns is elegant six feet tall the fashionable lantern man who holds his beautiful bride in a pink dress in his arms. Love is not fading light – is the motto of the sculpture. This sculpture was settled on Independence square for St. Valentine’s Day few years before the revolution and successfully survived it. The sculpture make thought about eternal love and tenderness to pop-up in your head.

A Boat Trip on Dnipro River

Well, nothing can be more romantic than a boat trip, where you can observe both banks of Kiev, while enjoying music and drinks. Of course, such trips are more suitable for summer, rather than for other seasons, as fall and winter in Ukraine often prove to be cold.

Regardless, which one of the romantic spots mentioned above you will choose, Kiev is full of romantic places. If you are not into walking in the parks, while getting into romantic nonsenses, you can always pick a more conventional way of spending your first date with a Ukrainian woman. The center of Kiev is full of different restaurants and cozy coffee shops, where you can have a nice talk over the cup of coffee or a glass of wine, which may be more useful when you want to get to know each other once again – this time offline.

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