Best All Inclusive Resorts in Bulgaria [2022 Update]

I am here to share the best all inclusive resorts and hotels in Bulgaria in 2022 and let me tell you that you have plenty of options to choose from! This is a great thing, because all inclusive resorts in Bulgaria are cheaper than in most other countries, but offer a lot for the money.

Bulgaria offers the best all inclusive options for a summer holiday in the EU, in my opinion. You simply can’t find a match for them anywhere else (especially for similar prices).

But with 2022 still being in recovery mode since 2020, I also had to look at places that offer additional safety measures, in particular in terms of health and cleaning, to keep your risks of getting sick during your holiday to a minimum.

Since Bulgaria has so many amazing areas close to the Black Sea, I decided to split my recommendations based on the top regions.

All these hotels are amazing, so just pick your favorite and prepare for an amazing, unforgettable all inclusive vacation in Bulgaria!

Best All Inclusive Hotels & Resorts in Sunny Beach

We’ll start with Sunny Beach, which is probably the most popular destination in Bulgaria. As a result, you have some truly amazing options here – but there are tons of them throughout the country, so make sure to check them all out and pick your favorite.

1. DIT Majestic Beach Resort

This is actually an Ultra All Inclusive resort that I consider to be the absolute best in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Although it’s rated at “just” 4 stars, I’ve had a 5-star and above experience here.

Talking about how amazing this resort is would require a dedicated article, but I’ll try to sum it up, although I am sure that the photos will say more than I will here.

DIT Majestic Beach is massive resort that is simply overwhelming and jaw dropping when you first see it.

With spectacular sea views (make sure to pick a room with sea view – it’s a must – and ideally at the higher floors), this hotel has large beautiful rooms and tons of facilities and entertainment options.

dit resort sunny beach the room

It has three large pools (two for adults, one for children) and an amazing garden area that offers stunning sea views.

You will surely get back with a few kilos more (worry not, that’s what you do during a holiday!) as you always have the option to choose one of the four available restaurants, plus other bars and eating areas scattered around.

You can burn off some of those extra calories by getting some exercise done at the resort’s gym, or go for some team sports at one of the 2 tennis courts and 2 football/basketball arenas.

dit resort sunny beach the food

Or just enjoy and relax at the hotel’s spa area, where you can get Asian massages, a Cleopatra bath, a Turkish bath and much more. Really, the options are endless and everything here is of the highest possible quality.

This goes for the rooms – although rated at four stars, I found the rooms to be large and clean, with comfortable beds and good soundproofing.

The staff is very friendly too and they speak at least decent English (plus at least a bit of a few other European languages) and I am sure you will feel amazing here.

Really, this is my top pick in Sunny Beach and I am sure you will love it too!

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2. DIT Evrika Beach Club Hotel

I’ll try to keep things short from now on, although each of these top hotels deserves a lot of words of praise.

I also have to mention that we’ve been here back in 2019, so I don’t have the most up to date experience to share – but I still did my due diligence and read a lot about the hotel and I am certain that everything that I am writing here is still valid.

Evrika Beach Club is located next to the beach, offering spectacular sea views (but with most rooms offering a pool view which is just as nice). We personally went for the sea view, as nothing beats staying on the balcony and enjoying the sea.

evrika beach hotel room

The rooms are large and beautiful and extremely clean. What I liked the most was the restaurant and overall food at the resort.

Great service, amazing staff and really high quality food. Absolutely no complaints here – we had one of the best culinary experiences at Evrika.

This is an amazing place for thrill seekers and kids in particular. It has its own mini-aquapark with several slides, but also a dedicated area for younger children, with some slides and other attractions. It was very difficult to keep our son away from these – but we all loved it, that’s the truth!

evrika beach hotel aquapark

You can also opt for the Premium service here (that’s what we went for) for additional perks, more options to feast and an improved room. Truly amazing experience in Sunny Beach – you’ll love it here, especially if you travel with kids.

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3. Melia Sunny Beach

A humongous all inclusive resort, Melia is a 4-star resort that would easily fit in the 5-star category (in my opinion).

Having visited in 2021, I was surprised to see how much care they paid to cleaning and disinfecting and general safety of the visitors.

All the staff (which were speaking amazing English, by the way!) were wearing masks and the common areas were always disinfected and kept in shape.

The food is really amazing and you have an Indian restaurant on the premises if you want to vary things around a bit. The food was diverse during our stay and I have no complaints here.

melia sunny beach food

My son claimed that he had the best food at Melia (although I believe it was just him getting older and truly appreciating it). But, yes, no complaints here!

The hotel has a few swimming pools (that are usually pretty crowded), as well as a slide, but it also offers a private beach with a beach bar on the premise, which is really good too.

melia sunny beach room

Unlike most of the times when we actually spend more time at the pool, during our stay at Melia we spent most of the time at the beach and it was spectacular.

Better suited for more relaxation and calm (since there’s not a real aquapark there as with Evrika Beach above).

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4. HVD Club Bor – 24 Hours Ultra All Inclusive

If you’re looking for a more somber and stylish approach, HVD Club Bor is a great choice for your All Inclusive stay in Sunny Beach.

Do have in mind that this hotel doesn’t have a private beach (so you’d have to pay extra for loungers), but it’s also not directly near the sea, so you don’t get any sea views either.

But it does make up for these annoyances in terms of quality – the staff is very well trained and friendly, all areas are sparkling clean and the overall feeling of the place is luxurious.

hvd club bor room

The rooms are of a decent size and generally quiet, but the views are not the most amazing (if you are like me and consider sea views amazing). However, they’re great for rest and relaxation.

And for putting on extra pounds. Not the rooms, but the place itself as the food at HVD Club is really good.

We particularly enjoyed the sweets here (unlike in most All Inclusive places where they’re extremely sweet to discourage you from eating too much, these were perfect and extremely varied).

hvd club bor sweets

If you prefer a more intimate experience and a slightly smaller resort – and you don’t mind not being right on the beach, then this is a good choice!

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5. Aqua Nevis Hotel & Aqua Park

While this hotel is similar to the one recommended above since it has no private beach and no sea views, it does have a lot more to offer in terms of entertainment for thrill seekers thanks to its impressive aqua park.

If you are all about spending the entire day at the pool, enjoying all the amazing slides and water-related entertainment, then this is the perfect choice for you. It has tons of slides and a huge area is covered by pools.

aqua nevis hotel waterpark

It has a dedicated area for kids, but also a minigolf course and a wellness and spa center. Also a gym, but I can’t say anything about that since, well… I haven’t checked it out. Ahem.

The rooms are a bit on the smaller side – probably the only reason why this is rated as a four-star hotel and not a five-star one, but they’re not tiny by any means.

Plus, you won’t be spending that much time indoors anyway when you have that amazing aquapark outside!

aqua nevis hotel room

The food is also diverse and decent to say the least. You will always find something to eat there, even if it can get a bit repetitive after a while.

But in our case, it’s still more diverse than what we normally have at home, so no real complaints here.

Do have in mind that especially during the peak season, it gets a bit crowded and noisy so I would suggest trying to get a room not facing the slides (although over night things are quiet since you can’t use the slides).

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Golden Sands: Best All Inclusive Hotels & Resorts

We’re now moving to what I consider to be the second most popular beach resort in Bulgaria. This one mixes the night life with aquaparks and a more family-oriented approach, so you get the best of both worlds.

Let’s see which are the best choices of all inclusive resorts in Golden Sands, Bulgaria!

1. Melia Grand Hermitage

This was the first 5-star all inclusive resort that I visited in Bulgaria and I was extremely satisfied with the overall experience. Premium quality everywhere and my entire family was happy there.

The resort is close to the beach, offering some nice sea views from all the rooms (I recommend getting the ones that get a full, not a partial view). It’s up on a hill, so you still have to walk a few minutes to the beach itself. Don’t worry though, it’s not really a difficult climb!

Or you can simply enjoy one of the many pools in front of the hotel. There’s also a mini-aquapark with a few slides that you can try out if you need some adrenaline.

melia grand hermitage room

The rooms are large and spotlessly clean, with comfortable beds and great views of the Black Sea. The hotel is not right on the shore like some other hotels, but you still get spectacular views nevertheless.

I absolutely liked the food and the quality of everything served in the restaurants and bars. It was one of the very few places where you could get premium drinks, for example, without having to pay extra (or bribe the people working there). I was truly impressed!

All in all, I had an amazing time at Melia Grand Hermitage and it is by far my favorite place in Golden Sands, mainly because of the premium options in terms of food and drinks.

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2. Grifid Encanto Beach Hotel

If you’re looking for a more active type of holiday – as well as 5-star services from a 4-star resort – then Grifid Encanto Beach is the place you’re looking for.

There are some amazing concepts and goodies to be had here especially if you’re into a more “get fit, not fat” type of mentality (I have to admit, I’m actually going for the latter when going on vacation, but not everybody has to).

Featuring a beautiful infinity pool, but also some amazing sea views – including a great gym area with amazing views over the Black Sea, Grifid Encanto offers all sorts of wellness and staying fit options when you’re there.

Grifid Encanto Beach Hotel room with sea view

There are all sorts of packages available, including detox & weight loss, relax packages and so on. Or just go for the DIY type and enjoy the healthy food (still delicious and with less healthy options) type of holiday. There’s a bit of everything for everybody there.

The best part is, in my opinion, the Concept room/vacation area. This is a bit more expensive, but it’s worth every extra penny, as you get additional goodies including a private rooftop sundeck, better looking rooms and more.

Grifid Encanto Beach Hotel yummy food

You also get free access to the nearby Grifid hotel’s aquapark, while the private beach awaits just a stone throw’s away from the hotel. A really great place with amazing food, great amenities and 5-star services.

The only downside is the main pool which is a bit on the smaller side. But at least it’s an infinity pool, making for some amazing Instagram photos or TikTok videos.

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3. HVD Viva Club

This is actually an Ultra All Inclusive 4-star resort which gives the previous two some great competition for the top spot.

The main reason for it being behind is the fact that its rooms don’t have a sea view. This is always high on my list when choosing a hotel to stay at… but you simply can’t have all hotels with a sea view!

Apart from this, though, things are really good at HVD Viva Club. It’s spotlessly clean and offers great amenities, without going too much over the top.

It has a private beach, but it’s not within walking distance – they do offer a private shuttle to the beach though and you can easily spend an entire day there as you have a place for drinks & snacks (for free), including solid WiFi. The private beach area itself is really nice!

hvd hotel golden sands room

The rooms are a bit on the smaller side here – with some exceptions as you can see above – but at least they are very clean and in a really good shape. The beds are comfortable and this is all that matters at the end of the day.

The staff is extremely friendly – we’ve had great success with an amazing animation team for kids and even though some don’t speak good English, they do their best to make you feel welcome and entertained.

The food is 5-star hotel quality. Varied and well cooked, it’s absolutely delicious and abundant. Even the more special types of foods get replenished quickly if they run out, so you always have options here.

All in all, a really good resort whose main problem is the lack of a sea view. But you’re not paying a premium on that, so if that’s not really a deal breaker, it’s worth at least looking at.

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4. Dolce Vita Sunshine Resort

Last but not least, we have Dolce Vita Sunshine Resort in Golden Sands. It’s a huge hotel with a few pools, various restaurants and it includes an aqua park for those looking to have fun.

The hotel has a private beach too, which is really nice – but the walk to it is not necessarily the best part of the day. There is no bar at the beach, but you are allowed to take drinks from your room’s minibar in a cooler bag which is provided (free of charge).

The rooms are large and in a good shape, some of them offering great sea views from a distance. I repeat – do go for the sea views and if possible the higher levels to stay away from the noise.

The rooms are not properly soundproofed and you will generally hear at least some noise – so the higher up you are, the less noise you have to deal with (and you get better views too).

dolce vita sunshine resort room

This wasn’t the cleanest resort we visited in Bulgaria, but it wasn’t horrible either. I guess that it’s understaffed, actually, and there are simply too few people doing too many tasks.

It wasn’t uncommon to have plates and glasses in the pool area until late in the afternoon, nor was it uncommon for the restaurants to get overcrowded and some food items to take longer to be refilled.

But all in all, it wasn’t a bad place. It is also cheaper than most, so you do get what you pay for. If you visit when it’s not as crowded, I can only guess that it’s even better. But even at the peak of the season, it’s still a good place to visit, although definitely not my top choice.

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Best All Inclusive Hotels in Albena

Albena is by far the most family-oriented resort in Bulgaria. If you want to go and enjoy the silence more than anything (and don’t really care about the night life), then Albena is a perfect choice.

It’s not as developed as the previous two resorts, but I still have a lot of room for it in my heart and I actually had the best time in Albena, together with my family.

With these in mind, let’s see the best all inclusive options in Albena, Bulgaria below!

1. Kaliakra Beach Hotel

This was the first All Inclusive hotel that we ever visited in Bulgaria, and I absolutely loved it here! When we visited, it was divided into two sections (a 3-star one and a 4-star one) but in the meantime it has been upgraded to 4 stars.

You get ultra all inclusive service here and the hotel has a premium location: it’s basically on the beach, with the sea view rooms offering some of the best sea views in Bulgaria. Really few hotels can compete with this one!

The food here is absolutely amazing, too. Even though rated at 4 stars (probably due to the size of the rooms which are a bit small), the food is 5-star grade. It’s usually locally grown and sometimes organic.

kaliakra hotel sea view room

Plus, lots of options and each evening you have a different theme – traditional, Italian food, Mediterranean and so on. Really good and amazing food overall, even though for some you do have to wait a bit for it to be prepared.

It has an outdoors pool, including one for kids – but really, with such an amazing beach seconds away, you won’t spend too much time there. We certainly didn’t.

The entire place is clean and the staff extremely friendly, with the cleanliness levels being very high. I really loved it in here!

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2. Hotel PrimaSol Ralitsa Superior

You don’t really have 5-star all inclusive options in Albena, but the 4-star resorts are really good. This includes the Hotel PrimaSol Ralitsa Superior.

While it does look a bit outdated on the outside (and I would dare say a bit inside too), it remains a great choice for those looking for an active holiday thanks to the amazing aquapark it offers to its guests.

The downside is that you don’t have sea views from this one, but it does have a private beach and a shuttle taking you back and forth every 30 minutes. So you can still enjoy the beach – but unlike Kaliakra, you’ll go here for the aquapark.

The rooms are a bit on the smaller size and some of them can be a bit outdated, but still in a decent shape and clean.

hotel primasol ralitsa room

The food is also good – although not something to write home about. It gets the job done and does it pretty well, but it won’t blow you away.

All in all, this is the best choice for those looking for what’s probably the best AI resort with an aquapark in Albena. That is the main selling point – so if you’re all for the fun under the sun, choose this one!

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Other great All Inclusive Hotels on Bulgaria’s Coast

There’s a lot more seaside in Bulgaria than the three top destinations mentioned above. You will be surprised to find some pretty amazing deals and places if you look around a bit.

And I did the looking for you, finding a few other great AI resorts and hotels in Bulgaria along the Black Sea coast. Check them out – I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

1. Lighthouse Golf & Spa Hotel (Balchik)

If you’re looking for a 5-star, luxurious place to spend a high class summer holiday, then you should definitely choose this resort.

Even though it’s a bit away from the beaten path, close to the city of Balchik, it offers some breathtaking panoramic views over the sea, as well as amazing amenities and value for the money.

As the name suggests, one of its main attractions is the golf court it’s part of (created by pro golfer Ian Woosnam), but there are all sorts of goodies to appreciate. This includes, for example, some rooms that have their own private pool!

If that’s not enough, you have an amazing spa area stretching over 900 square meters (close to 10,000 square feet), a beautiful outdoors pool and free access to the nearby private beach (which has to be booked at the reception in advance – but it’s free).

lighthouse golf spa hotel room

The beach itself is not the most amazing you will see in Bulgaria, being pretty narrow and close to a cliff… but the water is still nice and everything else is top class.

There are several restaurants on the premises, serving amazing food, the rooms are large and clean and comfortable… everything is there to keep you and your loved one happy.

I intentionally said that as I don’t think this otherwise amazing hotel is a great choice for families with young children. There are better options on the list for children (in terms of entertainment for them) – but for couples or business trips, this one tops the list for sure!

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2. Sunset Resort (Pomorie)

We’re sticking to 5 star resorts, but this time we’re moving to Pomorie, which is a nice, yet underrated resort close to Burgas city.

Sunset Resort is one of the few 5-star, all inclusive resorts in Bulgaria that can compete with the Turkish AI resorts which are of a different level.

Amazing, impressive pool, great sea views from the rooms and impressive, luxuriant build – all of these will make you feel like a king or queen during your stay.

There are actually four pools that serve the five buildings that make up this humongous and impressive resort, with a whooping 9 restaurants (4 of which a la carte), 9 bars and three pool bars.

sunset resort pomorie breakfast

Even better, for those that opt for the All Inclusive package (as there are other options available), there’s also access to the nearby Sunset Aquapark which is an attraction in itself (but usually very crowded).

With huge, luxurious rooms and amazing sea views, this resort is definitely a top choice for those looking for a high quality AI vacation in Bulgaria.

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3. Duni Holiday Village (Sozopol)

Located in the lesser known Duni resort, close to Sozopol, this is a great little gem that not many people know of. It’s indeed a little village that offers everything you need for a perfect stay.

Rated at 4 stars, it has a whooping 10 tennis courts, table tennis area, archery options, darts, beach volleyball, aerobics and surfing… as well as 4 outdoor swimming pools and a brand new aqua park, plus a private, guarded beach.

duni holiday village detail

A local tavern and an additional Mediterranean restaurant can be found on the premises, with high quality food and a perfect atmosphere.

Some of the rooms are on the smaller side and look a bit outdated and I was only able to find park view rooms… but it’s still a good choice that will keep the family happy and the vacation perfect for a very friendly cost.

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4. HVD Reina del Mar (Obzor)

For my final recommendation, we’re heading over to Obzor for a really impressive concept for an all inclusive resort.

Divided into smaller villas that stretch along three pools (one of which is heated – a rarity in Bulgaria, even for 5-star resorts), this is a relatively recently built resort with everything in pristine shape.

hvd reina del mar

The rooms are huge here and very modern, and even though most of them only have a partial sea-view, it’s still worth booking your stay here. High quality everywhere, from the restaurants to the rooms themselves.

The kids will really appreciate it as well thanks to the high quality playground area and all the activities for them. All in all, a great luxurious stay that will make you very happy!

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Why choose an All Inclusive resort in Bulgaria?

In my opinion, going for an All Inclusive resort is a perfect option for families traveling with children. Actually, all All Inclusive hotels in Bulgaria are specifically tailored for families with children.

Kids are pretty picky eaters and I can say from my own experience that it can’t get any better than in an AI resort.

There, they can easily see the food that they’re about to eat and they can safely and easily choose their favorite. This way, you don’t run the risk of ordering something at a restaurant and them refusing to eat. And even if they do, there are plenty of other options available.

Plus, their kids club will keep the little ones busy and happy, helping them make new friends and have fun while you relax. All in maximum security!

All inclusive stays in Bulgaria have two other great advantages: they are cheap, yet offer a lot for the money and they also help you budget your holiday easily. Because once you are there, you will not have to spend a single dollar extra, as everything is already covered.

This way, you can just go there and relax, not having to worry about sticking to a budget or unexpected expenses. Nothing beats and all inclusive stay, especially when we’re talking about soaking in the sun and relaxing all day at the beach or by the pool.

Wrapping up

As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to all inclusive stays near the Bulgarian seaside and I am sure that the resorts that I have recommended above can be considered the absolute best in the country.

So choose the one you like the most – mainly based on the town you want to be in – and rest assured that your holiday will be safe and extremely enjoyable!

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