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Belarusian girls are gorgeous, they are friendly and easy-going, not to mention how blissfully unaffected they are of America’s finest export—feminazi culture. Make no mistake, though, ladies from Belarus are just as independent as you would expect from a woman in the West (if not more). And they manage to stay feminine. So basically, Belarusian girls are ideal, right?

Bear with me, there are a few things you need to know before you venture into getting yourself one. So without further ado, your complete beginner’s guide to Belarusian girls.

Eastern European Girls Vs. Independence

I know you like Eastern European women.

If not, you wouldn’t be on this site, right? But Belarusian girls take Eastern European awesomeness to another level. Now, don’t get me wrong, Russian and Ukrainian women are also very hot, feminine, and relationship-minded. But they also have a tendency to depend a bit too much on their men.

Here is how the world works for most traditionally raised Russian girls. She does her thing (as in studies and gets a job) but she does not expect to feed a family on that. When Russian (and Ukrainian) girls go ‘bad’ they usually turn into the gold digger or sugar baby type.

When they don’t, Russians can still be more superficial than most. To them, dating is purposeful and the goal is to find a decent husband. That decent husband is expected to take care of her and the family financially, while her primary role in the marriage would be keeping the house beautiful and raising the children.

Guys don’t always realize that, but a relationship with Russian or Ukrainian women is not equal. To them, this is natural but to you, it’s not always ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’.

Yes, she might ask you for shopping money… three times a week.

No, she would not split the bill.

Not on the first date, not on the second one, not ever.

If you are not comfortable with that, dating Belarusian girls might be your call…

Belarusian women

Belarusian Women Are Super

Belarusian girls do it all.

As in, they:

  • Can look like supermodels 24/7. Beauty is non-negotiable for them and they will put effort into their looks no matter how busy they might be.
  • Take care of the guy beside them. She will be the leader of your cheer squad every day. And she cooks great, I guarantee it.
  • Keep the house and bring up the kids (if and when they have any). The term MILF is not even appropriate here because it implies they are older BUT hot. Belarusian girls tend to want children earlier in life and they stay in amazing shape after. You can literally never be sure if that cutie over there doesn’t have a kid already. Which might put you in some awkward situations—but is a major upside in the long run.
  • Have a career (and a great education, too). Provide for themselves after finishing university. Don’t feel entitled to their partner’s money. Contribute to the family budget.

So yes, that says it all, really. Don’t expect to impress Belarusian girls with your ‘superior education’ because theirs is usually just as good. In fact, women in Belarus are probably the most intelligent date you would have had in years. Yes, while still looking like a Victoria Secret angel. That is essentially a given.

What Do Belarusian Women Like?

Belarusian girls appreciate manliness—but they hate the showing off. The opposite is true for some Russian women, although definitely not all.

Belarusian ladies are like those in the East because:

  • They are over dating immature boys (which often excludes all local options for that).
  • The guy is still expected to take the lead in a relationship.
  • They appreciate nice gestures and they like to be treated like ladies.
  • Dating is never just a game, Belarusian girls are looking for an alpha male as a long-term partner.

At the same time, Belarusian men could be dominant without having nothing going on below the surface. You would see hoards of these local dudes, spending their dad’s money or what little they earn in retail on glitzy clubs and expensive watches (to name a few). And the point is:

The fancy lifestyle does not impress Belarusian girls. The man who earned it does. 

A Belarusian woman is looking for a mature and stable life partner. Yes, not being broke will help. But it will be your ambition, your passion, your drive, your mind that attracts her and not just the money.

Family Is Everything To Belarusian Girls

Women of Belarus have a special (and scary) little deadline to complete.

They have to find a husband before they turn 30.

Ideally, they should be married around 25-26, any later than that and her entire extended family begins to worry. And Belarusian families are so tightly knit that their opinion of their daughter’s life is the most important one to her.

There are a few important consequences of this.

First off, you have the ‘You are not dating the girl, you are dating her family’ issue. You want to impress her mother. Her grandmother. Her other grandmother. Any aunts, great aunts, cousins and all sorts of other relatives, too. Sometimes also their friends and co-workers.

She will want to present you to them as soon as possible.

That is because of the second consequence.

Having a boyfriend, especially a fancy foreign guy is bragging rights for her. Your Belarusian girl would be showing you off.

But the marriage deadline puts her in a complicated position. On one hand, she has standards and does not want to settle for a silly local boy. On the other, the clock is ticking and being 30 without a husband seems like a horrifying scenario.

That’s an old maid in this culture.

Belarusian girls

How To Make Babushkas Love You

So babushkas are definitely not girls, but they are surprisingly key in dating Belarusian women. If you are not familiar, Babushka means grandmother. Not just her grandmother but also any elderly lady that knows your Belarusian girlfriend at least a little bit (and has an unhealthy interest in her love life).

A few examples of babushkas would include:

  • Her grandmothers.
  • Also her great grandmothers (Belarusian people live really long.)
  • Her granny’s sisters, cousins, and all sorts of other relatives.
  • The friends and ex-coworkers of her grandmother.
  • The ladies that hang out on the bench in front of her building and spend their day gossiping. These are especially important.

You want to impress the Babushkas in your Belarusian girl’s life because they will be the ones who influence the family opinion on you.

And the family opinion will decide if you get to date the hottie, or if she dumps you because ‘she is not ready for a steady relationship just yet’.

Yes, that is one of the side effects of a patriarchal society. And if you are wondering where the grandfather is in this picture…he’s probably dead. It is not the nicest thing to say but Belarusian men simply don’t live as long—so the babushkas eventually take power.

Belarusian girls

Some Simple Steps To A Belarusian Girl’s Heart (Including Her Grandmother’s Approval)

Thankfully, you are probably already husband material in a Belarusian girl’s eyes. Make no mistakes, I am not implying you should only date in Belarus if you want to get married. Rather, it is about her standards. And Belarusian girls have a lot of standards when it comes to long-term boyfriends (plus they don’t do much as far as one-night stands so this is your only shot).

Above all, you want to exude confidence, maturity, and leadership. I might have said a little too much in this article but here goes once again:

Belarusian girls are not looking for boys!

You have got to be a man. As in, a financially stable and relationship-minded. That cliché about girls wanting guys who remind them of their fathers stands 100%. Look and act like a man, that is what I am saying.

Your foreigner status is already major plus points in her book.

A few extra tips to impress her and gain the favour of the babushkas would be:

  • Manners, manners, manners. Open the door for her, offer to pay for dinner (even though you would eventually be taking turns), always say ‘Good morning/day/evening!’ when you meet a member of her family. And also when you pass the babushkas on the bench, no exceptions.
  • Small gestures. These don’t have to be actual gifts but rather taking an interest in her job or hobby, or even posting a photo together on social media.
  • Speaking of social media, you have got to become Facebook official. Refusing to change your relationship status is a major offence. Yes, I realize that is ridiculous.
  • Respect her, her family, and her culture. It wouldn’t hurt to show some enthusiasm about the food they are feeding you, too. I don’t care if you actually like it or not.

Finally, the most stupid and effective advice of all – have fun.

Belarusian girls might be very different from what you are used to but they too are human. Don’t let their long legs and huge blue eyes intimidate you. Good luck, and don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments down below.

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