The Best Baltic Women Come From…

When you first travel the Baltics, all three countries seem pretty much the same. Similar buildings, similar people, similar attitude, even the food is relatively similar. But the more time you spend in either of these countries, the more differences you will notice. This is especially true for the girls. Baltic women are gorgeous, smart, and they get hyped up so much by people who come back from trips.

Pick a favourite among Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian girls?

Why would you want to do that?

It is definitely tough.

But let me give you some info about them to help you make up your mind about where to go first.

Baltic Women: Looks Matter

baltic women
A former Miss Estonia.

You will find that looking good is a universal priority with Baltic women. Perhaps it is not to the extent to which Russian girls take it, but show-off culture is definitely a thing. Apart from ‘what their mama gave them’, girls in the Baltics tend to put a lot of effort into maintaining and enhancing their beauty.

Makeup-wise, the no-makeup makeup look is preferred. You will see some women with pretty heavy makeup in Lithuania, Latvian and Estonian girls are much more relaxed.

The goal is to look presentable without others noticing she tried.

Latvian girls especially are all about not showing their ‘true face’. It is common to date a girl for more than a month without seeing her take off or put on her makeup.

But more on that later.

As for hair, Estonian women tend to go on the trendier side, while Latvians and Lithuanians prefer a more natural look.

Lithuanian girls, in particular, have probably the best hair you have ever seen.

They enjoy wearing it super long and in their natural (usually dusty blonde) colour.

Estonians, on the other hand, love playing around with hairstyle. There are a lot of girls that go for unusual colours, shorter cuts, or even shaving their hair. They’re typically less feminine but you will find more variety.

Baltic Women Clothes And Style

Although Scandinavian trends have been creeping in, the Baltics are still a place where women enjoy dressing up, even in the cold.

Latvians, I think, are the ones that wear the flashiest styles. Estonian culture, on the other hand, love to explore trends but they also put a lot more emphasis on comfort.

Lithuanian women are a nice balance between the two.

They definitely dress very feminine but nothing too extra. Plus, their figures are probably the best (slim-curvy if that makes any sense) so I guess anything they put on would look good.

As for the style, they prefer on men, the more casually elegant, the better. Think cool preppy. You can’t go wrong with the basics (if they fit you well) – a blazer, a neutral colour T-shirt, a nice dressier shirt (please don’t do short sleeved, though).

Details matter so choose your watch and your perfume carefully.

Fun With Baltic Women

baltic women
A former Miss Lithuania.

Baltic countries, contrary to what you would expect from places so cold, are actually very friendly and the culture is fun.

Lithuania is the best example for that one. Girls and guys alike enjoy going out, partying, concerts, sports, dancing, all that good stuff.

One place that is particularly cool for it’s clubs would be Estonia. People tend to drink more here (girls, too) and chances are that your date has the skills to outdrink you.

Apart from the club scene, there are quite a few nice live music bars in Tallinn. Estonian girls are more on the edgy, ‘alternative’ side, too. Although, of course, even the cheesiest, top 40 music club will be packed full of fun and gorgeous women.

Body Types

Out of all three, Estonia definitely has the biggest obesity problem. Latvians and Lithuanians are just as Westernized—but somehow they have been handling McDonald’s better. Or maybe they just eat at home a lot more than Estonian women (most of which are quintessential party girls). Chain food restaurants and changing eating habits have turned into a nation-wide problem for Estonians…

Although you would not say that, looking at most Estonian girls. True, some of them have some extra kilos but nothing too extreme. The average size (don’t quote me on that) it seems is 6 or 8. That is not super skinny but it is perfectly healthy and normal. Estonian girls do tend to care less about their weight, while your Latvian or Lithuanian girl would probably always be on a diet.

As for height, Latvian girls are definitely smaller.

Baltic Women And Short-Term Relationships

Former Miss Latvia
Former Miss Latvia

I am sure half of you guys would love to meet some cute girls that are DTF the very same night you meet them.

And that the other half is dating Eastern European women for the exact opposite reason—they tend to be more relationship-minded rather than the casual fling type. If you fall into the first group, here are a few things to consider:

  • The culture is much more judgmental of guys and girls who sleep around than you can imagine. The stud/slut thing exist to an extent but as a man, you don’t exactly want to be seen as the player type. High-value women will avoid you.
  • Contrary to what you expect, the clubs are not the best place to find your next one night stand. Because most girls would hate to be seen as easy, they wouldn’t just leave with you right in front of their friends. Tinder and similar apps are much better suited for finding a hookup buddy.

It is hard to say which Baltic women are the ‘easiest’.

Estonians tend to be more open-minded about the intimate part of a relationship but they aren’t necessarily the ones who have the most hookups.

All three countries are more or less similar in this aspect. Only very few girls would want to go full-on no strings attached with you. For the most part, they prefer to keep their distance, sometimes for over a month of dating.

Baltic Women As Long-Term Partners

Right, so now it’s time to cater to you guys looking for ‘something more’. Baltic women, in general, are great to settle down with. They still have that old-school mindset of repairing instead of replacing, when it comes to relationships.

You will notice that they are very willing to compromise and talk things out when something goes wrong. I am not sure if this is because the divorce rate is so low (and very few girls come from divorced homes or dysfunctional families) but that would be my best bet.

In terms of gender roles, Lithuanian women tend to be the most traditionalist of the pack. They are willing to prioritise family above all. Most still would not give up their jobs to become stay-at-home moms but they will still take the larger chunk of taking care of the kids and household chores.

Unlike other countries, Lithuanian wives tend to stay hot even after they have secured a husband. In turn, they expect you to keep treating them the way you did when you guys first met. The fastest way to get downgraded from boyfriend/husband material to ‘this foreigner I am seeing but I am not too sure about him’ is to become too comfortable.

Appreciation is key in all stages of the relationship.

Who Are The Best Baltic Women?

Baltic women are similar in a lot of things. They are all gorgeous and they (usually) have brains, too. Dating around in these countries would be fun wherever you decide to go. There are still some differences, of course, although in a lot of cases they are minor. Let’s just say that the best points about different Baltic women are… well, different. To sum it up:

Latvians are the most put together.

Lithuanians are true wifey material. And they always have great, super long hair.

Estonians are fun and down-to-earth. They are a bit Westernized but not to the point where they become annoying.

It would be crazy to have to pick a favourite. And since I am not looking to get a bunch of angry comments, why don’t you guys decide? Which country has the best Baltic women? We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and experiences.

PS: You can browse the profiles of various Baltic women here.

3 thoughts on “The Best Baltic Women Come From…”

  1. Hello guys,
    I used to live in Estonia for one month. Tinder works amazing over there but my experience so far only with foreign girls from:
    Finland(Neighour country, they visit Estonia for cheap drinks, good looking and interesting girls)
    Estonia. About Estonian girls they dont like the latin approach, very introvert and they prefer be ignored.

    Ps I’m from South EU and used to live in Tallinn

    Despite the fun I had in Estonia, I prefer Lithuanian girls as:
    Lithuanian girls are very nice and friendly
    They can be interesting
    They can be easy
    Feminine. No Nazi femin like Western countries.

    All in with Lithuania, definetely.

  2. Good article. I’ve just moved to Riga, can’t say the women are anyway easy. They seem suspicions of foreigners. Tinder has been a disaster (I only seem to match single mothers over 35)..its certainly not the pussy paradise I was led to believe. Women here seem cold and distant. I’m only here 2 weeks, I’m signed up for a year contract so will see how it goes. Riga isn’t actually that cheap either, some things in the UK are actually cheaper.


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