The Ultimate Anastasia Dating Site Review

In this Anastasia Dating site review we are looking at the security and efficiency of the website.

Is it worth your money and time?

Are the girls for real? Can we get some real-life field reports? Yes, yes, and definitely yes.

For my Anastasia Date review I went ahead and created a profile. I even communicated with some of the girls and I spent (way too much) time on their accounts. It was fun, I admit, but it was all for the sake of truth. So let’s jump straight into the ultimate Anastasia dating site review you will find online.

What Is The Deal With Anastasia Date?

Anastasia Date was started in the early 90s by a Russian-American couple. They are the current leader in this niche’s online dating scene. With over 1,000,000 foreign singles on the website and more than 600 success stories every year, Anastasia Date is going and growing strong.

Their servers are HTTPS which restricts the release of any data you enter on the website.

Anastasia Date also has the VeriSign verification for third-party peace of mind. You can pay for the service with credit or debit cardt—buthey also accept PayPal and Scrill.

I personally recommend using PayPal (in spite of some recent issues I had with their customer service) because it is extra safe. They verify every payment, and it’s easy to keep track of your money.

Anastasia Dating Site Review: The Adventure Begins

anastasia dating site review

My first step in researching Anastasia Date was, of course, to sign up.

The process was as easy as it gets. All you need it to plug in your name, email address, and birth date and you will be good to go. Right away you are redirected to a page with all the stunning girls your heart desires.

Well, to a page with the members that are currently online but trust me, there wasn’t a single girl I would not date on there.

The Design And Ease Of Use

The Anastasia Date website is nothing revolutionary when it comes to web design.

Still, it is very inviting and user-friendly. You have all the information and features that you might need on the left-hand menu.

There are very few ads and the ones that do appear are relevant to the website.

For instance, I would always get ads for an online English course that would help my girl improve her language level. The said service is offered through the website as a virtual gift and it is surprisingly affordable.

Irina, More Than A Beautiful Nurse

anastasia dating site review

The first girl that caught my eye was Irina, a 21 year-old nurse from Odessa, Ukraine. She was, by all standards imaginable, a solid 9+.  Big hazelnut eyes, shiny long hair, legs to die for…

One of her favorite pastimes? Yoga on the beach. And she had the booty to prove it.

But more than another hot girl, Irina actually seemed to have something bellow the surface. She was currently working as a nurse, while pursuing a MD (this is something med students can do in Ukraine, after their 3rd year).

The way Irina described her vocation went something like, “A nurse is more than an attractive girl in a tight white uniform. I am a care-taker, a friend, a student, an adventurer. Every day is a new challenge and I am looking forward to becoming even better at my job.”

I don’t know about you, but I really respect people who are passionate about what they do. Later, Irina went on to mention some of her favorite books and movies. Granted, one of them was The Notebook but War and Peace was on there, too.

Pretty weird combination but hey, she still gets the points for pretty AND smart.

Messaging And Communication

Irina did message me, just a few minutes after I started browsing through her profile. And that screamed ‘fake’ because hey, I never even filled out my profile.

I decided to give her a chance though, and she was actually very genuine and interesting in her texts. Of course, I can’t guarantee the whole thing was not a scam generated to lure a new (free) member into the website. I can only say Irina did not seem fake and that the messaging system is not even that expensive so why would they choose to scam you into spending just $3?

A bit of a time waste, isn’t it?

The male to female ratio is also to your advantage.

During my little investigation for this Anastasia Dating Site review there were always more than a 1000 girls online, usually even more than 2k. Guys are not that many.

If anything, there are at least 3 girls for every dude on the website and that would explain why they are all so excited to meet you. On a lot of profiles you can see them saying stuff like ‘I know there is quite a bit of competition on here…’ or ‘I would be so lucky to meet you…’

Although Eastern European women love to be pursued, the sheer number of stunning gals on the website makes the competition fierce and it can even reverse the hunter-prey roles.

As for communication option, there is texting, obviously, but also letters and live video. My advice is not to ignore the letters. They give you an opportunity to start a deeper conversation, talk about something other than your favorite movies.

Having a pen pal might not be what you imagined when you set out to meet a Russian girl, alright. But writing letters is truly a forgotten art form.

The girls on the website are romantic and they are looking for someone to share their lives with. Prove that you are that guy by taking the time to craft a letter, not just shoot her a quick message.

anastasia dating

The Price Of Love

This Anastasia Dating Site Review would not be complete if we didn’t mention the pricing.

Paid dating services are quick to say that love has no price but they are equally quick to charge you for their help in finding it. Unlike other websites, Anastasia Date does not require month-by-month payment for membership.

You only pay for the services you use.

For instance, you might not want to video chat and there is no need to include that into a daily fee.

Instead, you buy credits which you can spend toward what you want to use. The price per credit varies but as of August 2017 it was:

  • 20 Credits for €2.49 – 12 cents per credit
  • 160 Credits for €94.17 – 59 cents per credit
  • 1000 Credits for €390.83 – 39 cents per credit

The 20 credits option was so cheap because it was a one-time offer. After that 20 credits cost €18.99 which is a little under €1 per credit. Obviously, buying in bulk is your way to save some cash.

To give you an idea what those credits can buy you Live Chat is 1 credit per minute, CamShare is 6 credits per minute, and a letter will set you back 10 credits. There are also online and offline gifts that you can send to your crush.

One funny detail is that the stickers (yes, the same corny stickers people hate on Messenger) also come at a price. If you ask me, there are better ways to spend your credits.

As for the price compared to other services, it isn’t the worst deal…but there are definitely cheaper options out there.

Why This Anastasia Dating Site Review Does Not Mind The Price

Or in other words, why would you pay more if you can buy the same thing for much less.

Well, the thing is that you can’t. Part of the reason why Anastasia Date ends up costing you way more than other paid dating sites (not to mention the free ones) is how meticulous they are about their service.

They do background checks, they make sure the profiles are complete and truthful; they are constantly on the lookout for possible scammers. This comes at a price as it can’t be done entirely by a machine. There is a large team behind Anastasia Date and they are working hard to give you a smooth online dating experience.

As I was doing this Anastasia Dating site review, I became increasingly more trusting of these people.

To be honest, I actually kind of think of staying on the platform (although I am in a steady relationship and that would be wrong, as in cheating sort of wrong). I enjoyed exploring the different aspects of the service and they all seem super useful. So if you are looking for a place to meet your Eastern European dream girl, Anastasia Date it is!

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for this Anastasia dating site review? Want to share your personal experience with Anastasia Date? Comment below and we will be sure to answer.

Good luck and happy dating!

PS: You can create a free account and check out some of the profiles on Anastasia Date.

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